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      Blind imitation (模仿) is self-destruction. To those who do not recognize their unique worth, imitation appears attractive; to those who know their strength, imitation is unacceptable.
      In the early stages of skill or character development, imitation is helpful. When I first learned to cook, I used recipes (菜谱) and turned out some tasty dishes. But soon I grew bored. Why follow someone else’s way of cooking when I could create my own? Imitating role models is like using training wheels on a child’s bicycle; they help you get going, but once you find your own balance, you fly faster and farther without relying on them.
      In daily life, imitation can hurt us if we subconsciously (下意识地) hold poor role models. If, as a child, you observed people whose lives were bad, you may have accepted their fear and pain as normal and gone on to follow what they did. If you do not make strong choices for yourself, you will get the results of the weak choices of others.
      In the field of entertainment, our culture glorifies celebrities. Those stars look great on screen. But when they step off screen, their personal lives may be disastrous. If you are going to follow someone, focus on their talent, not their bad character or unacceptable behaviors.
      Blessed is the person willing to act on their sudden desire to create something unique. Think of the movies, books, teachers, and friends that have affected you most deeply. They touched you because their creations were motivated by inspiration, not desperation. The world is changed not by those who do what has been done before them, but by those who do what has been done inside them. Creative people have an endless resource of ideas. The problem a creator faces is not running out of material; it is what to do with all the material knocking at the door of imagination.
      Study your role models, accept the gifts they have given, and leave behind what does not serve you. Then you can say, “I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors’ tragedies and declare victory, and know that they are cheering me on.”
      1. Imitation proves useful when you    
      A. know you are unique
      B. lose the balance of life
      C. begin to learn something new
      D. get tired of routine practice
      2. To avoid the bad result of imitation, we should    
      A. forget daily fear and pain  
      B. choose the right example
      C. ask others for decisions
      D. stay away from stars
      3. According to the author, the world moves on because of those who are    
      A. desperate to influence others with their knowledge.
      B. ready to turn their original ideas into reality
      C. eager to discover what their ancestors did
      D. willing to accept others’ ideas
      4. The trouble a creator faces is    
      A. the lack of strong motivation
      B. the absence of practical ideas
      C. how to search for more materials
      D. how to use imagination creatively
      5. What is the author’s purpose in writing this passage?
      A. To highlight the importance of creatively.
      B. To criticize the characters of role models.
      C. To compare imitation with creation.
      D. To explain the meaning of success.
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