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      1.Not wanting to depend on her parents for a living, my cousin(堂姐) took up two part-time jobs in her spare time.

      2.Eventuallythe couple(一对夫妻) found that their bodies turned for the betterwith re-found strong muscles that they thought had lost forever.(2018·江苏)

      3.He was unconscious and as I looked at his facesomething occurred to me.Those brown eyes were very familiar(熟悉的).(2018·全国)

      4.In my opinion, honesty is the most important part of lasting friendship(友谊)which is why I hate being cheated.

      5.We seek policies that will ensure the success of a diverse and ambitious next generation(一代) of farmers from all backgrounds.(2018·江苏)

      6.When meetings are one-to-oneif the host(主人) offers you coffeeyou should refuse.

      7.Though they have never had a serious quarrel(争吵)the mutual indifference caused the couple to drift apart.

      8.The company was helped by the Federal Aviation Administrations decision five years ago to create a separate(单独的) set of standards for light sport aircraftwhich are lower than those for pilots of larger planes.(2017·全国)

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