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      1.But something inside me was going to climb that mountain at all cost.I could hardly wait to try this adventure(冒险) again.(2018·天津)

      2.The industry has also taken aim(目标) at the product that has appeared as its replacement.


      3.The proposal attempts(尝试) to deal with what some call the death valley of autonomous vehicles.(2017·天津)

      4.Some people live only dreaming about it while others live to avoid(避免) ever climbing at all.


      5.If you are a student studying the artschances(机会) are you have been ill-advised to have a plan B.(2018·江苏)

      6.It is well worth making an effort(努力) to promote the public awareness of environmental protection.

      7.I thought of my headteacher one day, who always encouraged(鼓励) us not to lose heart and be hopeful about the future when we were in trouble.

      8.In view of his educational background and experience(经历), no one doubts his suitability as a leader.

      9.It found many youngsters now measure(衡量) their status by how much public approval they get onlineoften through likes.(2018·江苏)

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